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Editorial - Seasons African Edition

africaEditing this edition of Seasons reminded me why I write plays, and why I have been drawn into teaching and mentoring playwrights, and dramaturgy: there are so many voices that need to be heard. I was overwhelmed at the response, and I am thrilled to be able to share such a collection of academic thought, creativity, honesty, openness.
To be editing this, alongside reading the devastating rape statistics emerging from the Congo, gives me hope. That we can find form for our suffering, and our joy. That we can speak a language of performance which can be heard around the world. That in expressing ourselves, we are taking the first step. As an African, as an African playwright, I am delighted to be joining a choir of voices speaking about and to African playwrights, and women in African theatre.
My profound thanks to those who contributed to this anthology, to Patricia Olwoch for her amazing co-editorship, and to Margaret McSeveney, ICWP President, for her constant nurturing of Seasons.
Karen Jeynes, South Africa
Seasons Editor

Table of Contents
  1. After That, Then - Funmi Adewole Kruczkowska, England/Nigeria
  2. Somebody Gotta Rise - Patricia Love, England/Turkey
  3. Womb Tide - Carla Lever, South Africa
  4. Women and Ethiopian Theatre - Meaza Worku, Ethiopia
  5. Trust, Sensitivity, Respect - Terri February, USA
  6. No Cause - Patricia Olwoch, USA/Uganda
  7. Katuntu - Alude Mahali and Injairu Kulundu, South Africa/Kenya
  8. Jwabi - Yolana Arroyo Pizzaro
  9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Nation) - Penny Youngleson, South Africa
  10. Graffiti on the Household Wall - Funmi Adewole Kruczkowska, England/Nigeria
  11. Soft, Strong Voice - Lauren Bies, USA

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